The environment and sustainable development, values at the heart of our concerns.

FLAM'UP has a wide range of products from FSC certified forests. The FSC label ensures that the products used come from resources that are controlled and taken in a responsible manner. This certification is a tool, based on market requirements, which aims to promote responsible forest management worldwide.

We pay particular attention to the development of new packaging in recycled or recyclable cardboard, in order to further reduce the felling of forests.


But we also sell refillable utility lighters and reusable household products that generate even less waste.

At FLAM'UP, safety is a priority.

We are always striving to improve ourselves, particularly by encouraging commitment to the following points

Live, work and be safe

Promote knowledge about safety, well-being at work, and risk prevention.

Smartly exploit resources

Recycle and apply waste sorting instructions from our activity.

To be eco-inspired

Promote better and more sustainable products by focusing on natural and recyclable products.